of Far & Away



Born the 27.11.98.


Eyes OK, déc 2001.


CH.Sansue Lord

of The Manor


Gunhills banjo of Sansue

CH.Gaineda Consolidator of Sansue


Gunhills Beautifoul Bianco
CH.Sansue Xtra Polite CH.Westley Samuel
CH.Sansue Wrainbow

Moonlight des Berberis



Gloi Pure Genius CH.Gloi Klever Klogs
CH.Linchael Primever to Gloi
CH.Inishea's Anabelle

CH.Chevanne Mighty Endeavour


Only-You Van Het Hof Tenberge


 Oliver is the big baby o the family, he always wants to please. An accident took him off the show-ring for a moment, he's bursting to work while waiting to rejoin all  his friend in show.


 Oliver is back in show, after his  very serious accident,

2nd Ex, open class, RCAC, Clu Show Luxembourg  27.07.2003.

1st Ex, open class, RCAC  to Pierrelatte the 06.07.03