CH. Out of The World of Glen Sheallag




Thanks Marie-Noëlle Terlinden and Bernard Chauveau for their confidence and friendship. 

  Sharon arrived at home after the terrible departure of her owner.

No words can ever describe the deep sorrow  who unites us after the loss of a Great Lady but at first a Great Friend like Marie-Noëlle.


Sharon, with plenty of love and roguishness, became very fast the big compagnion of Sweetness. Today

 they both watch, with an eye tender and amused,  over the good fuction of the rest of the little troupe.









Multi.CH. Scrabble 

of Glen Sheallag 


  Multi.CH. Waterloo's Rock Around the Clock

Nu. CH. Mjaerumhögda's Limelight


Garbank Giselle

  Multi.CH. Orange Juice 

of Glen Sheallag

Multi CH. Jamescroft Squire
My Shadow of Glen Sheallag


Guldrushen's Up Side Down



  Goldsand's Tiger Shanlimore Falcon
Goldstep Tiger Moth
 Multi.CH. Goldsand's Music Design

Goldsand's Jack of All Parades


Goldsand's Music Again







CH. France '00 - Luxembourg - IB - Trialer - Recommanded

Best female at the French Club Show' 99. BOB at the Club Show '99

( at 12 months ). BOG + BIS2. 

RCACS at the World Show '00

 French Club Show 2000 : CACS + BOB + BIS

RCACT at Field-trials.






CAC. CACIB. BOB, Perpignan 2003