Sydney at 5 months



Born the 06.10.04



Multi.CH. Rossmix

Fair Enough



NUCH FINUCH FINW-98 Rossmix Rugger



Sherlock Of Glen Sheallag   
Knegarens Tarantella    

Friendship Merriwagga


Goldsands My Dream 
INT NORDUCH Mjaerumhögdas Classic Sound  

Multi.CH. Sweetness

of Far and Away


CH.Paudell Pure Passion

CH.Paudell Easter

Plantagenetat Kerrien

Kerrien Forever Bonnie
Moonlight des Berberis


Gloi Pure Genius
CH.Inishea's Anabelle


 Daughter of "Sweetness"! Sydney have all of her mummy, so proud, full of cudlles and clown in the same times. She would like be already the second boss of the house but she must accepte for the moment to stay behind her mother ! They are inseparable at home, thanks my "Sweet" for give me this wonderful litlle girl !



 1st Ex Joung class, Best Joung, the 15.10.2005 in Perpignan