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of Far & Away


Wendell, 24 Months



Born the 24.02.2003

    HD/ok, RCF

   Eyes ok, May 2006

   Monaco's Ch



CH.Paudell Pure Passion


CH.Paudell Easter

Plantagenetat Kerrien


Sansue Castalian
Kerrien Calypso of Paudell
Kerrien Forever Bonnie CH.Sansue Golden Ruler
Moonlight des Berberis


Gloi Pure Genius CH.Gloi Klevers Klogs
CH.Linchael Primevere to Gloi
CH.Inishea's Anabelle CH.Chevanne Mighty Endeavour
Only-You Van Het Hof Tenberge


  Wendell, litlle brother of "Sweetness", incarnate the gentleness and the kindness, it's the chum of all the troupe  and my special litlle boy. In true Golden, he want always please with the big big tenderness that he have insinde him.





2nd Ex in Fréjus the 15.06.2006

1st Ex, CAC, CACIB, Best Male, in Monaco the 14.06.2006

Wendell is Monaco's Ch 

1st Ex, CAC,  R.BOB, in Pierrelatte the 03.07.2005

1st Ex, RCAC, in Madrid Spain the 22.05. 2005

1st Ex, CAC.CACIB, Best of breed in Fréjus the 28.03.2005

1st Ex, CAC.RCACIB, in  Monaco the 26.03.2005

1er Ex, CAC.CACIB, R.BOB in Girona Spain the 20.03.2005

5 Ex, to the Club show in Girona Spain  the 19.03.2005

3rd Ex, classe ouverte,  in Valence the 04.03.205

1st Ex, in Montpellier the 23.01.2005 



1st Ex, joung class, in Fréjus the 11.04.2004

2th Ex, joung class, in Monaco the 10.04.2004

1st Ex  joung class, in Sanremo, Italie the 04.04.2004

4th Ex,joung class , in Luxembourg the 28.03.2004

1st Ex, joung class, in Toulouse the 22.02.2004

 1st  VP, Best puppy in Marseilles

1st  VP, puppy class in Avignon the 27.09 2003

1st, classe puppy class in Strasbourg, France'Ch 2003



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Wendell, 7 weeks


Wendell, 11 months